YES!  We are SAFE AND OPEN and treating patients.

We are taking all necessary safety precautions so you can EXPERIENCE PAIN RELIEF IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT.  Please call our office 607-798-8800 to schedule an appointment or ask us questions.

About Us

Southern Tier Spine & Disc

Southern Tier Spine & Disc is a non-surgical Pain Relief Center – a renowned facility specializing in pain conditions ranging from back pain and neck pain to knee pain and foot pain. Located in Johnson City, NY, Southern Tier Spine & Disc is like no other pain relief center. Patients also visit from Binghamton, Broom & Tioga counties, and even further distances for the pain relief services we provide – especially Spinal Stenosis and Disc Herniations. Among many therapies offered, our DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy expertise has helped dramatically relieve pain just like yours!

Our Mission is Simple

To offer a healthy and successful alternative to traditional open back surgeries by utilizing the latest advancements in gentle, non-invasive technology, therapeutic procedures and spinal rehabilitation.

We should not be confused with other pain relief centers. We specialize in a broad range of conditions, including severe Spinal Stenosis and chronic Disc Herniation patients that have not responded to traditional care such as physical therapy, chiropractic, epidurals and surgery. We developed a comprehensive approach for these conditions that goes far beyond just spinal decompression.

How we Benefit You by going Above the Rest! … And Beyond!

  • Living Pain Free! We are committed to getting you out of pain and feeling better as quickly as possible! We achieve this by combining the very best in advanced therapy techniques, including soft tissue release techniques, Spinal Decompression, and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy into a comprehensive program.
  • Preventing Re-injury! Our third commitment to you is to prevent your pain, sciatica pain, or injury condition from ever coming back or being re-injured! This is achieved by stabilizing and strengthening the problem area. Our cutting edge Rehabilitation Program will give you confidence in your rehabilitation and allow you to return to living an active, healthy lifestyle!

For too long, our society has settled for pain relief as the apparent solution to their health concerns without addressing the underlying dysfunction in the body. Because of this we have the highest rate of chronic, degenerative disease ever. To settle for treatment focused on pain relief only, leaves the part of the body that is not working properly to undergo continued wear and tear: arthritis, degenerative joint disease, among many other chronic, degenerative diseases.

Dr. Michael Rouhana and Southern Tier Spine & Disc is part of a new model of health care that is emerging. Advances in technology are allowing us to better study the natural design and true physiological function of the body. Pain is seen as an important clue, proper function is seen as the Physician’s goal and the stability of the systems of the body is the culmination of the therapy with the participation of the patient.

Located in Binghamton, NY, Southern Tier Spine & Disc is like no other pain relief center. Patients also visit from Binghamton, Broom & Tioga counties, and even further distances for the pain relief services we provide. Our environment is one of hope, comfort, action and a sense of purpose. As soon as you enter our office, you will notice the positive energy in the air. You can’t help but start to feel better!

We are devoted to helping our patients get better. Research has proven an excellent success rate.

Owner – Dr. Michael Rouhana

Team at Southern Tier Spine & Disc