Sciatica pain is actually a sign that you have an underlying spinal problem which is creating pressure on a nerve in your lower back.  A common cause of this type of nerve compression is called Subluxation or misalignment of a vertebrae creating a nerve compression.  Other causes could be a bulged disc or herniated lumbar disc or piriformis syndrome.  Piriformis Syndrome occurs when the piriformis muscle (which lies directly over the sciatic nerve) becomes tight or spasmed.  This in turn puts pressure directly on the sciatic nerve. Commonly seen in men, sciatic pain is caused by sitting on a wallet which compresses the nerve causing inflammation and pain.

Sciatica is most commonly seen with degenerative disc disease in the lower lumbar spinal joints.  It can also occur in patients who exhibit narrowing of the spine or stenosis which compresses part of the sciatic nerve, or when a bone spur puts pressure along the sciatic nerve – often seen in cases of moderate to severe DDD or Arthritis.  

People who are experiencing severe sciatic pain with significant leg weakness and/or changes in bowel or bladder may be candidates for surgical procedures. 

While sometimes surgery is necessary, Southern Tier Spine & Disc offers multiple therapies and treatments that have helped countless patients AVOID SURGERY.

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