It’s not always possible to prevent sciatica, and the condition may recur.  However, the following can play a key role in protecting your back:

Spinal Alignments:

Maintaining proper spinal alignments on a regular basis helps improve spinal joint function and prevent injury and degenerative change.

Exercise regularly:

Strengthening your core muscles — the muscles in your abdomen and lower back helps to maintain a strong back and helps maintain proper vertebral alignment.

Maintain proper posture when you sit:

Always use a seat with good lower back support, armrests and a swivel base. If need be, use a small pillow or rolled towel for lumbar support in the small of your back to assist you in maintaining its normal curve. Sit with your hips and knees level.

Practice Proper body mechanics:

If you must stand for long periods, keep a stool or small box under the desk to rest one foot on from time to time. When you lift something heavy use your legs, not your back. Try and move straight up and down keeping your back straight and bending only at the knees.  Hold the load close to your body. Avoid lifting and twisting simultaneously. Enlist the help of a friend or co-worker if the object is heavy or awkward.

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